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In the Process of Custom Making a Shoe for a Client Horse

  • Working Hours Farm Visit Charge: $30 per visit plus all other shoeing fees

  • Non-Working Hours/Emergency Farm Visit Charge: $100 per visit plus all other shoeing fees

  • "New Horse" Trim for any new horse: $100 per horse plus visit

  • "Special Case" Trim: $140 per horse plus visit if electric tools are mandatory in the trim process

  • Trims Outside of 10 weeks: $100 per horse without exceptions plus visit

  • Hard to Handle fee: $50 plus all other visit and shoeing fees

  • Catch Your Horse fee: $45 per horse per time if necessary

  • Routine Trims Inside of 10 weeks: $60 per horse plus visit

  • New Steel Fronts: $180 per horse plus visit

  • Fronts Reset: $140 per horse plus visit

  • New All Four Steel: $220 per horse plus visit

  • All Four Steel Reset: $180 per horse plus visit

  • Travel outside normal mobile area: $1.25/mile plus visit and shoeing fees  -Contact for additional information-

  • Abscess Treatment: $45 per hoof plus visit

  • Drill and Tap: $40 extra per horse per new shoe set

  • Equipak and/or Pads: $100 per pair plus all other shoeing fees

---All other specialty shoeing and prices available upon request---

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